Why Money Is Destroying the Planet

Clearly cash is the instrument demolishing everything alive into the ground. It doesn’t look perilous as it’s for the most part paper, yet it is more grounded in power than every one of the atomic bombs set up, more deadly than the most grounded poison, more requesting than any ruler, and more alluring than anything more on offer. It is, nonetheless, just man’s development and nothing in God’s eyes yet it is the resources to annihilate every one of us.

Its power comes from our creative mind while its harming of frameworks and annihilation of assets is gotten from ravenousness. Its solidarity is adjusted to power and control practiced by religions and state run administrations. The longing for it depends on just the manner in which man has organized society to rely upon it for food, dress, lodging, and all the other things.

The financial framework is the cerebrum offspring of the Roman Empire. All the more explicitly it came from Emperor Claudius Constantine, who laid out the Catholic church, began Christianity, constructed the Vatican, designed Jesus Christ, and killed millions. He acquired sole rule over the colossal territory of domains that were difficult to control with only one man however he had an arrangement.

Contemporary creators noticed that the arrangement was there from his young life and when he held onto the privileged position on the demise of his dad, Constantius, he attempted to do it. What they didn’t have the foggiest idea, nor has the world referred to, that he is 666 as portrayed in Revelations 13:12-18.

Cash, charges, punishments, the law, and strict control of whole nations are essential for his inheritance. Presently the world can’t survive without them on the grounds that the economy depends on similar standards and religion and the law are weaved to such an extent that one can’t exist without the other.

This is the core of the World Order which sanctions cash as key to our ways of life and achievement. Presently it is annihilating the planet as living spaces are obliterated, assets are lessening, and populace increment is going to finish debacle. While individuals are searching for somebody to spring up wearing the numbers 666 they ought to think back to the start of our period.

Following my rebirth, the information that accompanied me is to such an extent that the foundations of religion in sun-love stand apart like neon lights. Nothing individuals do now is very different to what they did then aside from that we have gotten better at it. At the point when mentioned by the Spirit to destroy the mass of visual deficiency, which occurred in 1984, the size of that obstruction to truth and life was displayed to me in dreams.

Nobody can evade or enter it except if given the resources to do as such by the genuine God, the Spirit of the Universe. It was guaranteed to occur before the last days and apparently that time has shown up. Cash is man’s imprudence and it is annihilating the planet.

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