The Financial World in a Spin and Rocked by Scandal

It was guaranteed to occur toward the apocalypse in light of the fact that the financial framework on which the world is run was presented by the one with the number 666. He goes by Constantine and he laid out the Catholic Church in 325 AD and set up the picture of Jesus Christ, which was the beginning of Christianity. My insight comes from the Spirit of the Universe, the genuine God, which was displaced by the misleading divine forces of religions.

Following my resurrection and with a solid connect to the Spirit it dispatched me to destroy the mass of visual impairment that religions have made. It then poured in the information to comprehend from whence everything of present day life are determined.

The beginning stage was Babylon where men saw the sun-star of splendid hued rings of moving light as a divine being. They stylised it into a lady that they considered they could wed by kicking the bucket on the cross, which is one of the images made when the star structures.

In a dream the Spirit showed how this came to fruition. It was of a gathering on a slope who gazed towards a stone held up high which contained a little opening in the focal point of it. As the first light’s beams entered it they scattered into the picture and individuals tumbled to their knees in wonder.

They name the picture ‘Mama r-y’ or ‘Mari’, which in the old language signifies ‘mother’s strong eye’ and they considered they could ‘wed’ it by biting the dust on the cross at day break and ascending with the light. To completely see the value in that one ought to consider the less taught and odd psyche that considered sorcery as an approach to accomplishing their objectives. Cash is essential for that enchantment.

The practices of Babylon were taken to the world by the Amors who fabricated Roma (turn around Amor) and one of them was Constantine. He kept every one of the old customs while building new frameworks of government, regulation, military, legacy, and money. In Revelation 13:17 it expresses that “no man could trade, save that had the imprint, or the name of the monster, or the quantity of his name”

The monetary world may be faltering from the embarrassments rising up out of the supposed Panama Papers yet this was in the arrangement of God to show that everything made by Constantine are bad and not of God. The economy is in critical waterways since it was developed by man and has no ability to endure the powers that are presently coming against it.

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