The Bull’s Eye in Monetary Systems

“They hatch cockatrice eggs and weave the cobweb’s” is the way the holy book depicts the frameworks under what man lives (Isaiah 59:5″). It is a woven mass of double dealing and lies and “all tables are brimming with regurgitation and griminess” (Isaiah 28:8) and individuals battle to grasp the reason why. Without the information on God and a comprehension of how the Spirit of the Universe capabilities we are lost in the murkiness of the world’s defilement.

There is trust, be that as it may, as the Spirit vowed to “make the screwy places straight” and to slice the bars of iron to free those caught behind them (Isaiah 45:2). That opportunity has arrived as truly now moving from God’s mountain which is the Internet vowed to ascend somewhat recently (Micah 4:1). It is through that gadget that everybody on earth can be reached to hear the discussion of God (Jeremiah 26:31,32).

That discussion starts with the ‘bull’ of financial frameworks and how and why it has crushed the earth to the place of obliteration. Cash is the detestable that is behind the tearing down of woodlands; over fishing of seas; consuming of petroleum derivatives; production of merchandise; and governmental issues. It has fabricated the dim heaps of misery and made numerous distraught or to their demises.

So who and what is the ‘bull’ behind everything? It began in Babylon with the sun-star Mary. That is the rainbow-hued picture delivered when light scatters. The cross is shaped in the focal point of the moving rings of brightness and this was called ‘Mary’ or ‘mother’s strong eye’. Men could ‘wed’ Mary by giving their lives in return for a spot as her mate in paradise.

To do that they went through the ‘eye’ and rode on sunbeams very high. They were called ‘b-el’ or ‘carriers of god’ and proof shows their bodies were consumed to pass on their soul into those going to their execution. They were additionally ‘b-o-l’ or ‘bearing the circle of God’. The ‘bol-o-x’ or ‘bol-circle bull’ brought about ‘bollocks’ for the bull’s balls. It additionally brought about ‘bull’ as in ‘bullion’, the gold on which the financial framework is based.
Since the bull was the trade for favors the ‘pinpoint center’ turned into the ‘target’ and abundance depends on accomplishing objectives, which is a similar term utilized for going balls through targets or ‘eyes’.

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