The Bull in Bullion

Gold bullion is the unit of trade in the present money related framework and it has a fascinating history to get to that status. Its starting point is Babylon, the first home of Islam. The Mother God of the locale was the sun, named Mary. Stylised into the figure of a lady, as sculptures illustrate, men accepted they could ‘wed’ Mary and ascend with the sun up high. It’s the justification for why executions and remembrance administrations are held at day break.

The old term for ‘sun’ is ‘o-r’ signifying ‘circle of force’ and gold was named after it in light of its tone and capacity to mirror the sun. ‘Or then again, o-m’ deciphers as ‘sun-circle-mother’ and it’s in the Latin expression ‘aurum’ from whence comes its synthetic image ‘au’.

Men who intentionally passed on crosses were called ‘ b-a-el’ or ‘conveyors of force as divine beings’. One needs to see the value in that the language of the time was all the while creating. Vowels were missing or unsound and short assortments of syllables could be perused as sentences. That is similar as the shorthand strategies involved today in SMS.

‘Ba-a-el’ is referenced commonly in the Old Testament predictions, for example, in Amos 2:5, and it was the elective god or the ‘ruler of the day’. From it came different terms like ‘ball’; ‘ringer’; ‘gut’, ‘bowl’, and ‘bull’. The association is in the horns or clanger that looks like the penis. Men kicking the bucket on crosses are portrayed in old stone craftsmanship with immense penises prepared for lovemaking.

The sun shows its horns while passing behind an item and the five-point star is such a portrayal. It was venerated as a ‘cow’ in Egypt and religions brought into the world of that locale. ‘Cow’ likens with ‘c-o’ from ‘x-o’ or ‘cross/circle’. It is the circle/cross mix that is found carved in rocks along ways prompting peaks and urban communities. The last option created around social occasion destinations to observe it.

Following my rebirth and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe, the main genuine God (Isaiah 45:4-8) it dispatched me to destroy the mass of visual deficiency (Isaiah 29:10-12) and get the reap. We are somewhat recently when the predictions for this opportunity are approaching valid.

The wall was worked by the principal monster of Revelation and fortified continuously (disclosure 13) and the first is Mary, the rising sun. The person who expected to ‘wed’ Mary was the ‘bull’ who is he who went through the ‘opening’s eye’ (beginning of sacred) after his passing to turn into a divine being. He is the ‘bull-eye of solidarity’ or the bull wedded to the god. From this comes the term ‘bullion’ and the ‘rising bull’ construes a raising financial exchange.

Cows are called ‘stock’ from ‘light of cross-circle of cross’ where [s] is an old term for ‘soul’ or ‘light’, [t] is an image for ‘cross’, [o] is ‘circle’, and both [c] and [k] are subordinates of [x] and [t]. The term alludes to the god-man and his rise to a divine being through the cross.

This made the mates of men into ‘steers’ and ladies are as yet alluded to as ‘chattles’ (the [h] is a Greek expansion to the term) and the motivation behind why they are oppressed and marriage promises state they ought to serve men.

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