The brainchild of Man That Is ravaging the World

Cash, finance, the economy, and the approaching apocalypse are completely connected and the explanation is self-evident. Eagerness and abundance creation is first and chief in quite a while of most who see nothing bad about obliterating the climate and taking anything they can from others. Their objective is accumulating however much they can while showing the remainder of the world how incredible they are. What they don’t know is the way unfortunate they are.

Following my rebirth and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe it has driven me to understand the situation completely. At a time shown to me between lives it summoned to take me from the world and show me what’s going on with life.

It’s a basic story yet one that would be over the heads of most who attempt to comprehend it in the illumination of strict lessons and the eagerness that has influenced the earth. This is our main planet on which we can live but man is obliterating it at an extraordinary pace of bunches to bring in cash and stick it in the bank or some speculation portfolio.

Could they truth be told at any point accept that this is the reason for their lives. However apparently it is precisely exact thing they were put here to do.

My most memorable bonus is to destroy the mass of visual deficiency and recuperate God’s kin who are up to speed behind a mass of falsehoods and disarray. In satisfying that objective it was critical to comprehend how and why things have created to this point. We are near the precarious edge of obliteration and the earth and all life on it is in danger.

That divider is worked by man’s creative mind and misleading divine beings that have been made to make sense of life and demise. In their endeavors to be influential men concocted paradise and damnation and involved them as apparatuses to rope others in to their perspectives and dreams. On the off chance that they could persuade others regarding their own convictions, then, at that point, for them they turned out to be valid.

That is the reason religions are presently so strong and rich. The pioneers remain unaware of the Spirit and they push cash in front of sound judgment. Through exchange and afterward mastery of countries wealth turned out to be a higher priority than life itself and each of the one necessities do is take a gander at the number of self destruction when they face monetary ruin.

Cash isn’t anything! It is not welcome in that frame of mind of the world aside from that the Spirit is utilizing it to finish life up. Those eager enough to be trapped in its web are supervising the debacle. That is as per the predictions in the Old Testament that guarantee this day would come.

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