Monetary Irrelevance to God by Those Missing the Real Treasure

Cash is synthetic and doesn’t have anything to do with the manner in which God sees the world. Abundance is a habit made by eagerness and the people who participate in being a piece of the legacy of the extraordinary fortune by the day’s end are far-fetched. Following my resurrection and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe, the main genuine God, it charged me to destroy the mass of visual impairment and get the gather. In a dream an extraordinary fortune was displayed to me covered profound under the ground.

The significance of the fortune tormented me for nearly a little while and my requests to be shown what it suggested made no difference. That is until one day while supplicating with a clergyman at the Order of St. Luke’s Healing Service where we each requested something uniquely amazing. He requested the recuperating of one of his charges in a nursing home. My solicitation was to be shown the importance of the fortune.

Coming back the Spirit drove me by an alternate course which took me past a companion’s home. She is an otherworldly individual and we were frequently drawn together to serve God. Approaching her entryway the tears began and they were streaming full pelt when she opened it. Guiding me into her parlor the tongues began and they poured from my mouth in a relentless design.

When they stopped my companion leaped to her feet with the translation. The Spirit let us know that the fortune was covered by the holy places and that they falsehood and conceal reality. It informed us that it would be I who might uncover the fortune and return it to the kids from whence it was taken.

Over long periods of working in the Spirit and with recuperating wonders part of my work the fortune has been displayed to me. It is reality and the information on how religions have taken the name of the genuine God and given it to the misleading God of religion, Jesus Christ. He was the picture set up by Constantine who laid out the Catholic Church in 325 AD.

The wall was worked by the principal monster, the sun, and fortified by the sovereign who was an Amorite by legacy. The Amors occupied Babylon and stylised the sun-star into a lady named Mary. Men considered they could ‘wed’ Mary by passing on a cross at first light and ascending with the sun high up. Constantine reestablished her as the Mother of God and his new religion depended on it and the Islamic customs of Islam.

He covered the fortune by denying the offspring of Israel reality and he concealed the method for accessing the Spirit of the Universe. The Vatican then restricted resurrection and anybody who conflicted with its requests were killed. The sovereign presented the frameworks that control states, the law, military, religions, and the economy. He is 666 and recognized as such in a dream displayed to me and in Revelation 13:18. Cash keeps on isolating those looking for information on God from the Spirit.

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