How to assign multiple SSID to specific Unifi APs on the same site

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Unifi Access Point is a very popular product in the world. You can set up and provide SSIDs to clients in your infrastructure by unifi controller.

Not only set up SSIDs, but the Unifi controller can allow you to assign SSID to a specific access point on the same site. However, in Unifi controller you can set up VLANs, Manage AP, Configure DHCP, Create a site, configure SNMP, and other security as you need.

Why do we need to create and assign SSID to specific Unifi APs​ on the same site? Because example, you have 2 SSIDs on your site, and all the APs on that site, will show those 2 SSIDs. Then now you want only one access point at the IT office to show one more SSIDs as you create (for example, SSID that you create is: IT-Only) but the other APs in that site will not show that SSID.

In this topic, we will share with you how to assign SSID to specific Unifi APs​ on the same site in the unifi controller. Please see the step-by-step how to do it below.

1. Create New Site

Login into the unifi controller, then on the left corner, select Site Switcher->Create New site Then create the site name as you want. For this example, we have created a site named “Test”

How to assign SSID to specific Unifi APs

2. Create SSID

After you create a new site, you can adopt many APs on that site, then now create 2 SSIDs as below (Finance & IT Department)

  • To create SSID, go to Settings ->WiFi->Add New WiFi Network
How to assign SSID to specific Unifi APs

Note: If your SSID is a different VLAN, you can set it up for a different VLAN. See How to create multiple SSIDs with different VLAN in a single Unifi Access Point

3. Create A special SSID you wanted

Now, you have many APs on your site, but you want to create one more SSID named IT Only and assign or point it only access point in the IT office, the rest of the other APs will not show that SSID name.

To do that, First, you need to create an SSID named IT, by going to Settings->WiFi->Add New WiFi Network

How to assign SSID to specific Unifi APs

4. Create AP Group

Then, now on the same settings, you go to create AP group by going to Advance->Broadcasting APs->Create AP group.

How to assign SSID to specific Unifi APs

Note: For Network, If you create VLAN, you can select it. But if you don’t have VLAN, please leave it default is LAN.

+ Select AP to the group

Now, select AP in the IT department for that group. For this example, the AP is located in the IT department.

  • Fill in a group name
  • Select AP
  • Click Create AP Group
How to assign SSID to specific Unifi APs

Now, you have created an AP group named, ForITOnly, and selected the AP that you want to show the SSID named, IT Only is successfully set up.

Finally, when you go to the IT office , you will see 3 SSIDs named

  1. Finance
  2. IT Department
  3. IT Only

For the rest of the other APs on the same site, will see only 2 SSIDs names, Finance, and IT Department

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