Cash and the Death of Planet Earth

In the event that there are people in the future after this one, when everything appears to be horrendously in harm’s way, what could they tell the people who are driving the earth to the place of death? We don’t have to see a greater amount of the pulverization to realize what’s going on. What will more narratives like those currently showing the peril we are in get done for anybody? We know the number of species that are being obliterated, how over-fishing of the seas is carrying them to a place of breakdown, how contaminated the environment.

There is just something single that is more significant according to most and that is bringing in cash. The mentality that by taking somewhat more will cause no damage, or that not the matter of people is to blame, nor might it at any point potentially be the aftereffect of the huge groups of some who have no restrictions.

As the earth clasps under the strain and millions escape the struggles that generally follow such a gigantic populace blast like we are presently encountering who is it actually that is at fault? Clearly one would focus on a high power, the Creator as a matter of fact, who is responsible for all things.

That power for me is the Great Spirit of the Universe whom is normal is accountable for all things and everybody in the world. This thought comes in view of my resurrection and information that the things man has confidence in, like paradise and heck, don’t exist. What is reality, nonetheless, is that we are in emergency and cash and the demise of the planet go together.

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